Adding seats

Adding seats to the Supreme Court, often known as court packing, would involve an act...

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Balanced bench

The “Balanced Bench” proposal would begin with a ten member court, evenly divided by...

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merit selection

Currently, the president can choose whomever he or she prefers to be nominated to the...

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jurisdiction stripping

The Supreme Court currently hears many different types of cases. The Constitution...

legislative override

Currently, if the Supreme Court finds a law to be unconstitutional, a constitutional...

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lottery system

Before cases arrive at the Supreme Court, they are often heard by one of the 13 federal appellate...

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Partisan balance

A partisan balance requirement would mandate that the Supreme Court have an even...

Term limits

Because the Constitution has been interpreted to give Supreme Court justices life tenure...

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voting rules

Currently, when the Supreme Court votes on the outcome of a case, a bare majority prevails...

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